Welcome to Burgundy Friends

The friendship group for people in central Burgundy

Moving to Burgundy? Already here? If you’re looking for English speaking friends in the central area of Burgundy, here we are, a group of English-speakers of many nationalities who have ties with this beautiful region.

If you’ve ever moved to a different area, let alone a different country, you’ll know it can be hard work finding new friends and getting to know a new place. Burgundy Friends can help you with that. We offer friendly and regular social contact to anyone who likes to speak English, especially those who sometimes need to relax with their mother-tongue.

Burgundy (now Bourgogne-Franche-Comté) is huge, so we tend to concentrate on an area about an hour or so drive from Autun – though you’re welcome to join us wherever you live, whether you’re resident or visiting.

Founded in 2004, we’re a bit like grandfather’s spade – the blade’s been replaced a couple of times and so has the handle, but we remain Burgundy orientated and friendly. Please explore our website and Facebook page  to find out more about us. We look forward to meeting you in person someday soon! Please see ‘Contact us’ to get in touch.