May 10th 2023

Even more members than last time arrived for afternoon tea at Jane and Norman’s home with some new visitors and 3 dogs! A good selection of food was brought by those attending including chocolate cake, sausage rolls, pork pies, cheesy biscuits, savoury swirls, smoked salad and cream cheese bites, tortilla, scones and walnut and banana cake.

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Thursday 6th April, 2023

Today was the long awaited and jolly afternoon book swap hosted by Lyn and Nick in their splendid home that wasn’t really very difficult to find. Even Jim and Amanda managed to get there without being wrong footed, thanks to Lyn and her excellent directions. Sorry we missed the red man who isn’t there though.

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Sunday 18th September 2022

A delightful afternoon at chez Nancy and Dennis, in good company with good food and drinks provided by members and a majority from the hosts. The day had got off to a chilly start but by the afternoon rendezvous it had warmed up considerably and the sun shone brightly into the garden, not too hot and importantly not too cold.

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BF coffee morning 6th June 2022

I know you’ve been on tenterhooks to know how our coffee morning went on Monday, 6 June (Whit Monday, as it turned out). Well, it wasn’t the most exciting day to have chosen, as everything was closed, but the choice was constrained by circumstances, so we had to go with a National Holiday! Luckily, L’ Augusto, next to L’ Annexe was open, as, despite what they told me on the phone, L’Annexe itself was shut when I arrived just before 10 am, and didn’t open until 11.

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November 2021

A special “Keeping in Touch” message from the committee with an update on what has happened and what will be happening in Burgundy Friends.

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Petanque September 30th 2021

A marvellous turnout from the members for todays Petanque competition at the Promenade des Marbres in Autun.

Three teams fought it out with the winner from each team going forward to the final.

Well done to everyone, I am sure we are all delighted at the numbers present.

With the local hostellerie being closed we decanted to The Annexe for a small libation.

A happy occasion, tinged with sadness as 2 couples are selling up their holiday homes, but we are sure to be seeing them again, in the words of the song, some sunny day.

Photos of the event can be seen by clicking the button.

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VeloRail visit September 22nd 2021

In contrast to the poor weather of the last few days this particular Wednesday dawned bright, warm and sunny. There was a good turnout for the visit, most members arriving at midday for the picnic, then all of us assembled for the off from Cordesse-Igornay station to Manley station by velorail, described as a light rail vehicle, propelled by the muscular energy of the passengers by means of pedals.

We enjoyed our picnics in the grounds before climbing into the 4  “velorails” booked and set off on our 22km journey. The visit was a most enjoyable affair, unlike anything anyone had tried before,  passing though Gare de Barney and Gare de La Croisotte.

The convoy arrived at Gare de Manley safely and were able to have a chat while turning their velorail for the return journey. The return was much more to everyone’s liking as we sped down the slight incline and back to the starting point.

A grand time was had by all, no injuries or muscle strains were reported. A very enjoyable afternoon out was had by all! Thanks were given to Amanda for organising the event.

Click on an image to enlarge (it will open in a new window).

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September 2021

Another event was organised, this time by Mark and Jaqueline, a big thank you to them both. A picnic at the Maison du Parc and a visit to the Musée de la Résistance followed by a walk in the grounds (for those that felt up to it).

An interesting and good time was had by all with an increasing attendance.

Photos of the event can be seen by clicking the button.

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August 2021

Events have been few and far between in recent months but this month Burgundy Friends managed to organise a few events which were able to go ahead. See more by clicking the button.
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