Where we are Burgundy Friends

Most of the English speaking members of Burgundy Friends are in Central Burgundy, in and around Autun in the Saone et Loire, Avallon in the Yonne, Luzy in the Nièvre, Beaune in the Côte d’Or and the Morvan Regional Parc, parts of which fall into all the above departments.

The majority of our events (see our events page) are held within the areas where members are.

The Region of Burgundy (Bourgogne) covers an area north to south from Sens to Macon and east to west from Nevers to Dijon. It is now included in the larger Bourgogne-Franche-Compte administrative region.

*** Members  ***

Please let us have any photos of your area / city / town / village /hamlet to show off our beautiful part of France that we can publish here. We can credit your copyright and if you would like to add information on the photo we can add that also. Please send them to Norman for inclusion.

Here are photos of where we are taken by members. (Click the picture for a larger view. Opens in a new tab).

St Nazerre Cathedral Autun

St Nazerre Cathedral Autun. A short stroll from where we live – Amanda

Autun Ramparts

Autun Ramparts on the same walk – Amanda


Our “maison secondaire” is situated in the rural commune of Marigny l’Eglise, just half an hour by car from the northern most gateway town of the Morvan Regional Park. The attached photo shows the stunning historic centre of Avallon – Jacqueline

Near Avallon

The view from our house is over the Lac du Crescent, its origins dating back to the 1930s when the river Chalaux was flooded to produce hydroelectric power. It is now a favourite lake for keen fishermen – Jacqueline