What we do at Burgundy Friends

Events and Gatherings

The group has regular events with other Social Events sprinkled over the year. The activities are hosted by members of the Association, normally in their home but is depends on the event.

Monthly Book Swap

Book Swap

Held monthly, very often the first Sunday of the month. Members take books, CD, Videos that they have finished watching, reading etc to hopefully find something else to replenish their shelves and allow the to relax reading or listening when at home.


Stroll in spring, summer and autumnStroll

Only held in March to July, September to November due to the unpredictable weather and shorter daylight hours in the winter and in August due to extreme temperatures. It is organised by members often in the area near their homes, afterwards socialising with a drink and nibbles at their home, at a picnic area, or  sometimes a lunch before the stroll, which non-walking members can also attend.


ten pin bowling 4 times a year10 pin bowling and meal

The Bowling takes place at Autun, starting at 6.30pm, 4 times a year followed by a meal at Toscas. This is a great fun event. Some are a whizz at it, others struggle to get the ball to move down the lane, but all enjoy the game. There is the opportunity to bowl, or bowl and meal or just the meal. There is a trophy for the best male and female scores over the year.


book readers discussion group

Book Readers

A book is chosen by a member of this group. After allowing reading time they meet at a member’s house to discuss the merits, or otherwise, of the book.

We are looking for a leader of this activity.


writers group discussion

Writers Group

A subject is decided by the group at the end of a meeting, for the next meeting up. The members then write stories which they bring to the next gathering, where they share and discuss each other’s work. A number have been printed in the newsletter.

We are looking for a leader of this activity.


petanque in summer


We have held this in Autun in the Summer months; it is great fun and some members can be competitive, followed by a drink at a local bar. It is to be extended as a series for the best scores over the year and male and female champions.


four lunch rendezvous


There are a minimum of four lunch rendezvous per year. Members suggest restaurants and liaise with the owners and the events co-ordinators. A very sociable activity, chatting, eating and a small drink. We try to have a fixed price for the meal.


autumn quiz

Annual Quiz

Held in the Autumn at a member’s home. We have started to have a Quiz via Zoom, this allows non-resident members to be part of a social event.


the garden party

Garden Party

We hold this in August, where a member volunteers their garden for the day. The theme of the event will vary.


Other Social Events organised by members have been – Days outs, Picnics , wine tasting, plant swaps, coffee mornings, afternoon teas and Karting.

The calendar is updated regularly, the members are notified about an event 2 weeks prior, who then notify the organiser (of that event) the intention of attending, This is to ensure the hosts are aware of numbers if catering, by them, is required. Dates and general details of the events/activities can be seen, monthly, on the Facebook site, or on our events page here. More detailed information is emailed to members.

We encourage our members to be involved in the activities and events available. All members look forward to seeing many friends at the events and speaking English.

 If any member has any proposals to increase the number of regular activities or subject of event we would be pleased to take the idea forward wherever possible.

Photos of our Past Events:

Book SwapBook SwapBook Swap coffee morning lunch rendezvous Men only lunch Petanque Petanque Petanque Petanque Petanque Petanque picnic quiz team rendezvous Xmas Stroll Stroll Stroll Stroll summer party summer party summer party summer party summer party summer party