Nommmbal 21st February 2024

Hello, everyone,

Just to bring you up to date with our BF coffee morning yesterday, which was held at Le Grand Café in Autun. Some nice surprises – three new people came to join us! Plus one member who was last spotted in the late summer of 2022. There were 12 of us in all, battling with the acoustics of the café, which are a bit difficult for big groups. Still, we all had a great time chatting to new and old members. Golf seems to be a popular topic, so if anyone out there wants to play, we have a few people in the group who’d be interested.

Just one small point – it seems that someone or someones forgot to pay for their coffee. If you’re suddenly clapping a hand to your mouth and going “Oh, my god! That was me,” then feel free to reimburse Dave when he comes back in April, as he very kindly stumped up for the missing drinks. In such a large group with so many drinks being ordered it’s an easy thing to overlook one or two.

The next meeting will be arranged as soon as possible. We need to find venues that can accommodate a group of up to about 12 people, which isn’t always easy at this time of year when we can’t sit outdoors, so any suggestions would be appreciated. We aren’t talking about lunch, just coffee. Otherwise, we may need to put things on hold until the weather improves. This is actually a good thing, as it means we’ve got loads of people now in the group, but it also means we’ve become victims of our own success!

Bearing all that in mind, if anyone would like to host a coffee morning or tea afternoon or whatever, please let us know. You wouldn’t need to provide eats of any kind, it would just be coffee or tea, though members of the group are usually willing to bring something along.

See you soon.

Kate, for the BF steering group.

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