Nommmbal 9th February 2024

Hello, everyone,

Yesterday (Friday 9 February) we had yet another successful coffee/ lunch gathering, this time at The New St George in Autun; 13 BF members came for coffee, and 11 stayed for lunch. We have three new members, and one of them, Daniella, joined us for pre-lunch coffee.

This is the second time we’ve met there, and as with the first time, the food was amazingly good and abundant, and we all left the premises feeling like happily stuffed pythons! How Alban does it we don’t know, but he caters with panache for everyone, and at a reasonable price. We haven’t arranged the next meeting, but you’ll be notified when we do. They’re always good fun, and as the personnel changes, so we all meet new people, or people we haven’t seen for a while.

Hoping to see even more of you next time. Meanwhile, remember that our AGM is coming up, and we have important things to discuss which affect all our members.

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