BF coffee morning 6th June 2022

I know you’ve been on tenterhooks to know how our coffee morning went on Monday, 6 June (Whit Monday, as it turned out). Well, it wasn’t the most exciting day to have chosen, as everything was closed, but the choice was constrained by circumstances, so we had to go with a National Holiday! Luckily, L’ Augusto, next to L’ Annexe was open, as, despite what they told me on the phone, L’Annexe itself was shut when I arrived just before 10 am, and didn’t open until 11.

However, it was a lovely sunny day, and no hardship to wait for the first arrivals. We had a modest turnout, but it was good to meet up with old friends and one new one. We chatted and drank coffees and tisanes until 11.30, hung about a bit longer saying goodbyes (as you do) and finally parted at 11.45, allowing the good people of the cafe to continue setting up the tables for lunch. So, if you didn’t come, you missed a very pleasant morning! We’ll let you know when the next event is scheduled to happen – as I’m sure you’ll appreciate, things haven’t yet settled down after the Pandemic. Watch this space …

Kate, for the BF Committee

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